Applying a new port to Binutils project

Tomer Levi
Tue Jul 6 13:01:00 GMT 2004

Hi Nick,

How do you prefer to get the new port :
A separate patch for each Binutils sub-directory (bfd, opcodes, gas etc') 
or a single patch containing the port's info for the whole Binutils 
project ?

      Tomer Levi

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CompactRISC Development Tools  fax:        +49-8141-35-11-1378
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"Nick Clifton" <>
07/05/2004 09:11 PM
        To:     "Tomer Levi" <>
        Subject:        Re: Applying a new port to Binutils project

Hi Tomer,

> I was looking for a binutils-patch mailing list, but unfortunately 
> found one, so i have no other choice than to bother this mailing list...

No worries, this is the right list.

> A question that currently bothers me is :
> Should the CRX patch be updated with the latest Binutils snapshot, 
> or is it enough to be compatible with the latest release (2.15) ?

As has already been mentioned you should try to submit the patch against 
the latest binutils sources from the CVS repository.  You will probably 
find however that these are quite close the the 2.15 sources.


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