Applying a new port to Binutils project

Tomer Levi
Mon Jul 5 09:24:00 GMT 2004


I was looking for a binutils-patch mailing list, but unfortunately haven't 
found one, 
so i have no other choice than to bother this mailing list...

I am looking for documentation regarding the procedure of applying a new 
port to Binutils project.
This is a 32-bit architecture named CRX, developed by 
National-Semiconductor Corp.
A similar patch was already sent to GCC.
All FSF legal issues were already solved and approved.

A question that currently bothers me is :
Should the CRX patch be updated with the latest Binutils snapshot, 
or is it enough to be compatible with the latest release (2.15) ?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

      Tomer Levi

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