[top-level] C++-friendly allocators for libiberty

Bernardo Innocenti bernie@develer.com
Thu Jul 1 07:18:00 GMT 2004

Bernardo Innocenti wrote:

> Couldn't we just agree on a few naming issues and use the
> same macros everywhere?   I'd like to hear from the
> binutils people too.

I'm leaving for vacation and I'll be (mostly) away from the
keyboard for one week.

This is the libiberty patch again updated with the latest

The X*VAR() macros try to provide a full interface to
allocat structures of variable lenght.  They're not
used anywhere at the moment, so I could drop them in
case the interface doesn't seem useful enough.

Andrew Cagney suggested using a different naming scheme
(XMALLOC, XCALLOC...) that has the advantage of being more
familiar to C programmers and has been used in GDB for a
few years.  I still prefer XNEW/XDELETE, but I'm open to
changes if someone suggests names for the full set,
including the deallocators.

2004-06-26  Bernardo Innocenti  <bernie@develer.com>

	* include/libiberty.h (xnew, xcnew, xnewvec, xcnewvec, xobnew): Move
	here from libcpp/internal.h.
	(xdelete, xresizevec, xdeletevec, xnewvar, xcnewvar, xresizevar): New

diff -u -p -r1.35 libiberty.h
--- include/libiberty.h	15 May 2003 19:02:12 -0000	1.35
+++ include/libiberty.h	26 Jun 2004 16:35:34 -0000
@@ -250,6 +250,37 @@ extern PTR xmemdup PARAMS ((const PTR, s
 extern double physmem_total PARAMS ((void));
 extern double physmem_available PARAMS ((void));
+/* These macros provide a K&R/C89/C++-friendly way of allocating structures
+   with nice encapsulation.  The XDELETE*() macros are technically
+   superfluous, but provided here for symmetry.  Using them consistently
+   makes it easier to update client code to use different allocators such
+   as new/delete and new[]/delete[].  */
+/* Scalar allocators.  */
+#define XNEW(T)			((T *) xmalloc (sizeof (T)))
+#define XCNEW(T)		((T *) xcalloc (1, sizeof (T)))
+#define XDELETE(P)		free ((P))
+/* Array allocators.  */
+#define XNEWVEC(T, N)		((T *) xmalloc (sizeof (T) * (N)))
+#define XCNEWVEC(T, N)		((T *) xcalloc ((N), sizeof (T)))
+#define XRESIZEVEC(T, P, N)	((T *) xrealloc ((P), sizeof (T) * (N)))
+#define XDELETEVEC(P)		free ((P))
+/* Allocators for variable-sized structures and raw buffers.  */
+#define XNEWVAR(T, S)		((T *) xmalloc ((S)))
+#define XCNEWVAR(T, S)		((T *) xcalloc (1, (S)))
+#define XRESIZEVAR(T, P, S)	((T *) xrealloc ((P), (S)))
+/* Type-safe obstack allocator.  */
+#define XOBNEW(O, T)		((T *) obstack_alloc ((O), sizeof (T)))
 /* hex character manipulation routines */
 #define _hex_array_size 256

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