M68k 2.9.1 unknown-seg error

GroundVehicle2@aol.com GroundVehicle2@aol.com
Wed Jan 28 14:40:00 GMT 2004


Does anyone know why I get the "unknown-seg symbol" error when trying to assemble the following code and error messages:

***** Example *****
1  .extern _cat
2  .section .catdog
3 _dog:
4  nop
5  .dc.l _cat-_dog     /* This line assmebles just fine */
6  .dc.l _dog-_cat     /* This line does not assmble */
7  nop
8  .end
C:\GNU>m68k-coff-as -m68040 example.s
example.s: Assembler messages:
example.s:0: Warning: end of file not at end of a line; newline inserted
example.s:6: Error: Can't emit reloc {- unknown-seg symbol "_cat"} @ file address 6.


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