Why no error for the unresolved '-u SYMBOL' LD option ??

Massimiliano Guerra massimiliano.guerra@cmz.it
Mon Jan 26 17:39:00 GMT 2004


	I whant to force the link (exctract) of some functions from a library file (archive).

	Then I add this library file in the objects list of the LD and also I add the option
	'-u SYMBOL' where SYMBOL is the name of one of the functions I want force to
	exctract from the previous archive. Ok all works good.

	But now If I miss to add the library file in the objects list the linker LD don't 
	issue any error message. Why ?

	How I can force an error for this type of undefined symbols ??

	Thanx in advance for the help.
	Best regards,



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