mips address+symbol issue.

Ian Lance Taylor ian@wasabisystems.com
Fri Jan 23 21:09:00 GMT 2004

cgd@broadcom.com writes:

> I can think of several possible solutions here:
>         (1) don't allow GCC to emit "dla sym+offset" for
>         -mno-explicit-relocs, or maybe just for -mno-explicit-relocs
>         and the ABIs which stuff 64-bit pointers into 32-bit object
>         files.
>         (2) make binutils emit long code sequences for sym + offset when
>         assembling objects for an ABI which stuffs 64-bit pointers
>         into 32-bit object files.
>         (3) punt.  (maybe even xfail the test for some MIPS targets w/
>         -mno-explicit-relocs.)
> It seems to me that (2) is *probably* the right fix, but others'
> opinions would be appreciated.  I think I'm OK with (3), too, but it
> might bite others down the road...

I'm not really happy about (2), because for those people who stuff
64-bit pointers into 32-bit object files it pessimizes the ordinary

Personally, I would just punt.  It's too bad that code like that
doesn't work, but does anybody really write it?  Plus it's not
supported by the C standard.


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