Computing .long .L123-.L100

Kazu Hirata
Thu Jan 22 03:09:00 GMT 2004

Hi Ian,

> > Another related question is that sh_cons_fix_new() outputs a reloc for
> > .long .L3-.L9., but the disassembly of the resulting object file does
> > not contain the reloc anymore.  Where is such a reloc deleted?
> In gas terminology, sh_cons_fix_new() generates a fixup.  Some fixups
> are then computed by fixup_segment().  Others are passed to
> tc_gen_reloc() to generate a reloc.

I was thinking that fixup and reloc are the same thing. :-(

I finally figured out why the difference of two labels is not folded
to a constant.  On the target I am working on, the global variable
linkrelax is always set to 1, so fixup_segment() refrains from
touching the difference.

Anyway, if you hadn't mentioned fixup_segment(), I would be still
stuck.  Thanks!

Kazu Hirata

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