Why my 'ar.exe' and 'ld.exe' does not work with the inline parameter '@objectslistfile'

Massimiliano Guerra massimiliano.guerra@cmz.it
Wed Jan 14 08:14:00 GMT 2004


	I've build with cygwin the binutils 2.13.2 in windows i.e "libiberty + libbfd + ld + ar".
	All works fine but I cannot use the follow syntax:

	"ar.exe -r  archivefile @objecfileslist"
	"ld.exe  ...   @objectfileslist ..." 
	instead I need to report always inline all the object files to use:

	"ar.exe -r archivefile file1.obj ... fileN.obj"
	"ld.exe ... file1.obj ... fileN.obj ..."
	Why don't work the '@' character in front the filename who contain the list of the 
	object files to use ???

	Maybe I've do wrong the Configure operation of the sources files?
	The BFD library seems to ignore the '@' syntax !?!?

	Thanx in advance for help me :-)

	Best regards,


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