Comment character for m68k gas v 2.9.1

Ian Lance Taylor
Tue Jan 6 18:36:00 GMT 2004 writes:

> I'm using a m68k gas V 2.9.1 assembler and would like be able to
> comment out a line with a single character, and not use C style
> comments -- /* comment */.  I have figured out that I can use '*' at
> the start of a line, and that the char '|' works everywhere.  But as
> you know you cant use '|' in a bitwise OR expression.  Is there any
> way do a bitwise OR in an expression without using '|'?  Or is there
> a way to change the comment character to ';' without changing the
> source code?

The answer to both question is no.  Sorry.

(Well, you can do bitwise OR without using '|' by using other
    a | b <==> ~ ((~ a) & (~ b))
but that is probably not the kind of answer you are looking for).


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