SH relocation differences in older versions of the binutils

DJ Delorie
Mon Jan 5 19:05:00 GMT 2004

> Does anyone have an idea on this?  We're also asking Hitachi for some help
> but they haven't responded yet.
> > Can someone help me figure out some code that I can use to have the GNU
> > tools produce a binary with the following relocations?
> > 

If you read gas/config/tc-sh.{h,c} you'll see that this reloc is used
for 8-bit switch tables, for non-BFD assemblers (sh-coff?), where you
have a ".byte sym1 - sym2" and both syms are in .text.


I don't think gcc will use these any more.  They were used for C++
virtual tables and -relax.


These get emitted when you use LDRS and LDRE with "as -relax".

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