[PATCH] bfd function for chasing .gnu_debuglink

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Fri Jan 31 15:36:00 GMT 2003

Hi Andreas,

> |>   * The patch made use of the AH_TEMPLATE macro in the configure.in
> |>     file, which is not supported by autoconf 2.13.  Unfortunately
> |>     binutils is still using version 2.13, and since I am no autoconf
> |>     wizard, I did not know how to replicate the behavior of the
> |>     AH_TEMPLATE macro.  Instead I have not applied the configure.in
> |>     part of your patch and commented out the use of DEBUGDIR in
> |>     bfd_follow_gnu_debuglink().
> AH_TEMPLATE is the replacement for putting a template into
> acconfig.h,

Err, but that is a host system file isn't it ?  ie not something that
can be part of a binutils release ?  Or can you have local copies of
acconfig.h that override/extend the system acconfig.h ?

> or using the optional fourth argument of AC_DEFINE.

Err, how do you do this ?  [I am not at all familiar with autoconf


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