N_SO stabs corrupted after linking

Jan Hoogerbrugge hoogerbrugge@hotmail.com
Thu Jan 30 16:02:00 GMT 2003

Hi Nick,

>From: Nick Clifton <nickc@redhat.com>
> > I have ported binutils to a new target. The problem that I encounter
> > is that the string fields of N_SO stabs are corrupted after
> > linking. When I dump the debugging info by means of objdump -G I see
> > that the N_SO entries of the .o files are correct but the N_SO entries
> > of the linker output are corrupted. Only the two entries of the first
> > module are correct. Any idea what could be wrong? Is it the port? Is
> > it the linker script that I use?
>It could be either, but I strongly suspect the port.  You will have to
>investigate further to find out.  My guess is that when the stabs are
>being merged together some excess, garbage bytes are being inserted
>between the input sections, making the output stabs section corrupt.

It seems that the n_strx fields of stabs in the linker output are not set 
correctly, while these fields are correct in the assembler output. I had the 
impression that stabs are handled by ld or libbfd in the processor 
independent part.

Where in the code are the n_strx fields computed? (or variables from which 
n_strx is computed)

I have no .strtab section in my linkerscript. Would that help?

BTW, I am using binutils version 2.11.2 and my port generates ELF code.


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