Make rda native-only

Alexandre Oliva
Wed Jan 29 03:34:00 GMT 2003

On Jan 29, 2003, DJ Delorie <> wrote:

>> Newlib (or cygwin) built in tree.  Presumably newlib is not sufficient 
>> to compile RDA?  Or it isn't clever enough to find the in-tree newlib 
>> for some reason?

> More likely, cygwin isn't built *yet*.  The cygwin runtime is one of
> the last things built in a combined tree.

Then rda is missing a dependency on cygwin?  Or perhaps we should not
build rda as part of the target set up, but as a host thing?  It's not
like rda depends on anything outside its tree, so if you want it only
for a target, you can run .../rda/configure and build it by itself!

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