gcc-3.2.1 configury bug due to FSF binutils version string

Greg Schafer gschafer@zip.com.au
Mon Jan 27 23:10:00 GMT 2003

Hi Jakub

(cc'ing lists of affected packages)

The latest FSF binutils- release is being mis-detected by gcc's
configure script.

checking assembler hidden support... no

when of course it should be:-

checking assembler hidden support... yes

It is possibly due to the extra digit on the end of the binutils version
string causing the grief.  ie: binutils-2.13.2 does not suffer the same

The result of this mis-detetcion is broken __cxa_atexit support in glibc as
evidenced by failure of glibc's "make check"

I believe your patch from here:-


is related to this bug. Any chance you could revisit this?

Meanwhile, I'll open a gcc PR, once I've confirmed the problem is still
there on the gcc mainline.


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