New targets to Binutils for H8 series

D.Venkatasubramanian, Noida
Wed Jan 22 06:05:00 GMT 2003

Hi All,

I was interested in implementing some extensions to 
the H8300 simulator and was thinking of adding some 
code to crt0.S. I would like this code to be 
available when the code would be run under a 
simulator. I think it would be a good idea to add a 
target, say -msim, so that the code is generated for 
simulated target only.

In the context, I was actually trying to include 
commandline support to the simulator and so would 
have to setup the stack with the commandline 
arguments in crt0.S. I didn't think it would be a 
good idea to add the code to the default 
implementation, by adding the target, we could 
write any simulator specific code inside a 
#ifdef __SIMULATOR__ kind of structure, similar to 
the ARM implementation.

Any comments or suggestions would be useful.

Thanks and Best Regards,


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