Some help is needed...

Fabio Alemagna
Tue Jan 21 03:27:00 GMT 2003

Ok, I'm quite exausted and my head is hurting... I cannot find the right
place to do what I want to, and solving the problem with
elf_backend_emit_relocs doesn't really appeal me that much (and I'm not
even sure it's the right place).

So, here I'm exposing what I want to do, hoping that someone of you will
tell me which is the function that I should override to implement it.

First of all, I need complete access to the relocations, the symbols they
refer to, and the sections the symbols refer to.

I have in mind to do a sort of "postprocessing" on the reloc entries: I
just need to make them be relative to the section symbol which refers to
the same section that the reloc's symbols refers to.

For example, say I have a R_386_32 reloc entry, say this entry references
the symbol number 67, and say that this symbol is relative to the section
number 3: I just need to make the reloc entry reference the symbol number

Pseudocode: reloc.symbol = reloc.symbol.section_number;

Is that clear?

I tried to implement this in final_link, however although there I have
access to the reloc entries, I don't seem to have access to the symbol
table: am I wrong? Is there a way to get access to the symbol table in

Fabio Alemagna

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