detect special mips64le dwarf2 line number length encoding

Alexandre Oliva
Mon Jan 20 16:37:00 GMT 2003

On Jan 20, 2003, Daniel Jacobowitz <> wrote:

> While I hate to dump more work on you, I would really rather we pursue
> this than propogate the nonstandard IRIX approach to this.  I really
> don't think it would be much of a difficulty.

Well, then, I can add this to my personal LINO to-do list, but I still
think the patch must go in, at the very least for compatibility with
mips64el binutils that have been out there for a while.  This change
might look minor at first, but it actually fixes a linker crash, when
it tries to find out the line number associated with a given address,
to report a warning.  Object files created using the current tools are
subject to this problem.  Then, whenever we switch to the standard
format, everything will just keep on working, even in a
backward-compatible way.

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