ELF freebsd support put into elf32-i386.c?

Fabio Alemagna falemagn@studenti.unina.it
Sun Jan 19 11:58:00 GMT 2003

Why have the elf freebsd support things put into elf32-i386.c? Because of
this I get "multiple definition of `bfd_elf32_i386_freebsd_vec'" from the
linker when trying to compile the binutils with --enable-targets=all,
where "all" includes also the AROS target which I'm developing and which
in turn uses elf32-i386.c. So, should I put the AROS support in
elf32-i386.c as well? Right now it amounts at a few lines of code,
basically the same amount of code that freebsd needs, however it's going
to grow in the future if I want to make changes to relocation handling, so
it has to stay in a file of its own.

How do I solve this now?

Fabio Alemagna

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