[ELF] elf32_bed

Fabio Alemagna falemagn@studenti.unina.it
Sun Jan 19 01:14:00 GMT 2003


While implementing the AROS stuff I came across this "elf32_bed" macro,
and I have a question about it: I've seen that it's used in a different
way than all of the other macros in the backend.

Let me explain better... all the other macros in the back end are first
#undef'ed, and then #define'd to their right value before #include'ing
"elf32-target.h", whilst elf32_bed is #define'd before #include'ing that
file, and #undef'ed after having #include'd it. What's the reason for this
inconsistent behaviour? Would it be ok if I submitted a patch to "fix" it?

Fabio Alemagna

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