AROS and patches to the binutils

Nick Clifton
Fri Jan 17 14:11:00 GMT 2003

Hi Fabio,

> As I wrote in my email, everything compiles fine, and the linker
> produces executables runnable by AROS,

Ok - fair enough.  I just wanted to make the point, for other readers,
that submitting a non-compilable port is not acceptable.

> So do you say that that's not enough?

No, a compiling-but-not-producing-working-executables port is OK.  For
now anyway.  It would not be OK if you were not intending to finish
off the port and make it work.  But you have already indicated that
you are working to complete the port.

> Otherwise, should I go directly for the 3rd approach I described and only
> then submit the patch? Would that be accepted?

It is up to you.  If submitting the port piecemeal is easier for you,
then please do so.


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