Problem in Addition of SH2E target

Dhananjay R. Deshpande
Fri Jan 17 09:33:00 GMT 2003


The SH target currently does not support SH2E. I will like to add SH2E target
to GCC and Binutils. For GCC, we can use most of the existing support of SH3E 
target as only difference in FPU of SH2E and SH3E is fsqrt instruction. 

For Binutils, I think there are two problems. 
1. What should be the eflags value for SH2E architecture? Selecting higher 
value than SH5 (10) will make problems in merging two objects and selecting 
value before SH3E (8) breaks compatibility with old SH3E, SH4 and SH5 objects 
and libraries.
2. With -dsp switch of assembler, SH3E and SH4 instructions are disabled. For SH2E, FPU 
instructions will be enabled. So SH2E instructions will also be disabled for 
-dsp switch. Now the problem is that as SH2E is in between SH2 and SH3, SH3 instructions will also get disabled for -dsp switch and therefore SH3-DSP target will be affected.

Any help regarding this is appreciated.


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