AROS and patches to the binutils

Ben Elliston
Fri Jan 17 05:38:00 GMT 2003

Hi Fabio,

>>>>> "Fabio" == Fabio Alemagna <> writes:

  Fabio> I was wondering whether would it be better, both for you and
  Fabio> me, to make little, incremental patches to the codebase, or
  Fabio> to finish what I have in mind and then make a big patch.

It depends.  I would recommend that for a new port, it makes sense to
contribute it as one big patch.  Incremental patches for an imcomplete
port will only frustrate users who see possible AROS support in
binutils.  However, that said, if you make changes to the target
independent portions of binutils, then it makes sense to seek approval
for those immediately.  This has at least two consequences:

  * it gets your patch reviewed, approved, and used by people sooner;

  * it means that if your port depends on this work, that you won't
    spend any time going down a path that is likely to lead to your
    port being rejected for any reason and have to be re-worked using
    an improved version of the target independent portions that you
    might be relying on.

If you want to snapshot your work, then it would make sense to use RCS
or a local CVS repository while you do the work.

Cheers, Ben

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