AROS and patches to the binutils

Fabio Alemagna
Fri Jan 17 02:37:00 GMT 2003


I was wondering whether would it be better, both for you and me, to make
little, incremental patches to the codebase, or to finish what I have in
mind and then make a big patch.

I'd like to go for the first option, so that I could procede step by step
and set in stone few bits at time, also to make my changes "interleave"
better with other people's changes (if you get what I mean).

On the other hand, you might not like that approach, for whatever
reason... Right now I have made the needed modifications to the
configuration files so that AROS is recognized as target system and the
linker, the assembler and libbfd are successfully compiled and linked. The
resulting executables don't yet produce AROS-specific stuff - they're do
exactly what executables for the linux target would do - but they do
produce executables which are runnable under AROS.

So, do you think I could submit the patch or should I accomplish something
more before doing that?

Sorry for these kind of questions, but I'm new to this way of working
together (I'm used to have complete control over the CVS repository), so
please bear a little with me :)

Fabio Alemagna

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