Questions regarding m68k dynamic/shared code

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri Jan 10 18:42:00 GMT 2003

Andreas Schwab <> writes:

> Ian Lance Taylor <> writes:
> |> > 3) What *does* the code in the .plt seciton actually do?
> |> 
> |> The Procedure Linkage Table is used to support shared libraries.  When
> |> code calls a function which is defined in a shared library, that call
> |> goes through the PLT.  The PLT encodes the information required to
> |> find the function in the shared library, and calls code in the dynamic
> |> linker ( to locate that function and call it.  Normally the
> |> actual lookup only happens the first time; after that, the PLT is
> |> changed to jump directly to the appropriate code for all subsequent
> |> calls.
> On m68k the PLT is doing an indirect jump through the corresponding GOT
> entry, and only the GOT entry is adjusted by the dynamic linker.  This
> avoids all the complications of self-modifying code.

Yes, the approach used on most processors avoids self-modifying code
one way or another.  When I said that the PLT is changed, I didn't
mean that the actual code is changed; just that the table information
is changed.


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