Questions regarding m68k dynamic/shared code

Wed Jan 8 18:36:00 GMT 2003

On 8 Jan 2003, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

| Peter Barada <> writes:
| > I'm trying to build a Linux system to run on a ColdFire v4e system,
| > and I'm a bit confused about the PLT secion that is generated by the
| > compiler/assembler/linker.  From what I can gather, the code in the
| > .plt section uses addressing modes that are not supporte by ColdFire,
| > and before I hack it up, I thought I'd better understand what this
| > code does...
| >
| > 1) Where can I find the m68k supplement to the SYSV ABI
| >    specification(and the SYSV ABI spec itself)? Google is not helping me...
| I think it's been out of print for several years now.  I don't think
| it's on the web anywhere.  Sorry.

For the SVID (not the m68k supplement):
Probably best just to search some used books web sites for
"System V Interface Definition".

or search for that string (quoted) with google and see the 5th link
to for a PDF file of it...
or wget


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