Error building binutils from cvs

Nick Clifton
Thu Jan 2 10:04:00 GMT 2003

Hi Jan,

> >Have you actually built a mips64-linux-gcc compiler ?
> Ehm .. no, I looked for howto's and documentation for building
> crosscompilers, they all say, that I have to build binutils with
> target=mips64-linux first ... 

Ok, so what was the full command line that you passed to configure and
what sources did you have installed in the source directory ?

> So I do not have a mips64-linux-gcc ... 
> >Are you using a combined set of sources (gcc and binutils) ?  If not,
> >try doing so.
> Where can I find documentation for it? I looked for it, but never find
> it ... 

There are notes on this page, and the pages linked from it:


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