minimal pseudo-relocs patch

egor duda
Mon Aug 26 08:06:00 GMT 2002


  In i've
posted a patch to extend cygwin-targetted version of ld with ability
to create "runtime pseudo relocations" which allow importing data from
dlls even if addend (i.e. offset of data from a symbol exported from
dll) is non-zero. Such relocations are supposed to be handled by
runtime startup code. I've signed a copyright assignment and mailed it
several weeks ago, but knowing a dire state of russian postal
services, i think it'd be lucky to arrive soon. Meanwhile, we have to
perform a transition of cygwin runtime to be able to handle such
relocations as they appear. To make such transition as smooth as
possible i want to suggest to apply a minimal version of my patch
which only export symbols needed by runtime, and doesn't add any new
functionality, and thus, i hope, does qualify as "trivial" to not
require signed copyright assignment. Having this symbols exported
we'll be able to apply a "runtime-side" part of my patch and release
new version of cygwin which will eventually be able to handle
pseudo-relocations as they appear. Then, when my assignment, will be
delivered, we will apply the rest of binutils part. So does attached
patch qualify as "trivial"?

egor.   icq 5165414 fidonet 2:5020/496.19
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