i370 readelf support

Martin Schwidefsky schwidefsky@de.ibm.com
Mon Aug 26 05:18:00 GMT 2002

>If there really is no interest in the i370 support, or if the s390
>support supercedes it, let's remove it from binutils.  Linas?  Martin?

The s390 support doesn't really supercedes the i370 support. The i370
assembler has some features that the s390 assembler does not have, e.g.
the .using or the .ebcdic pseudo ops. So if anybody really uses the i370
assembler he can't simply switch to the s390 assembler. But I doubt that
there is much interest in the i370 support and I don't think that the
current version in the cvs works. A lot of work would be needed to get
the elf32-i370 bfd backend up to date, in particular shared linking
isn't implemented at all. If nobody speaks up remove it.

blue skies,

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