ELF extension for starting symbol search from module dependencies

Luca Barbieri ldb@ldb.ods.org
Fri Aug 23 08:11:00 GMT 2002

>  Then you have to deal with consistency issues.  They do not exist for
> self-contained libraries that act locally only like png, but they may
> arise with libraries that interact with the outer world, e.g. any that
> makes use of networking.  For example using different versions of the X11
> library by different parts of a process will certainly lead to surprises.
Well, yes, this doesn't work if the conflicting libraries structures are
exported by the libraries that use them.
In this case the structures become part of the ABI of the intermediary
library, so the situation is similar to a program linking directly to
two conflicting libraries.
However, this often isn't the case.

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