A new target for binutils ? MCS-51

Stephane Brunet stephane.brunet@polymtl.ca
Tue Aug 20 06:18:00 GMT 2002


I am presently planning to port binutils (an then GCC) to the MCS-51 
target since many (old and recent) microcontrollers are using it.

I have found old messages describing how to port binutils but I want to 
be sure that the information is up to date. Should I follow this order : 
BFD -> opcode -> gas -> ld ?

Which object format should I choose ? COFF or ELF ? I tend to use ELF 
because the AVR port use it, but I have no other good reasons...


Stéphane Brunet

P.S. : I was very surprised when I first read the source code : this is 
the first time that I see a complete K&R-written C project! Perhaps am I 
too young!

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