TI COFFv2 relocations-- seen anything similar?

Charles Lepple clepple@ghz.cc
Thu Aug 15 18:25:00 GMT 2002

Nick Clifton said:
> Hi Charles,
>> I'm still sorting through my notes, but I think that these
>> relocation types form a set of algebraic functions to enable the
>> linker to calculate crazy expressions such as "(_function1 - _main)
>> >> 16 & 0xFFE0" at link time.
>> Anyway, does anyone know of another processor+file format
>> combination which handles things similarly?
> I have heard of similar schemes, but none have been contributed to
> binutils so far.  So I guess that you are free to go ahead and invent
> a new wheel :-)

Well, then I think I'm going to need some guidance on this one. Anyone who
is familiar with BFD relocations is encouraged to chime in, even if you'd
rather not deal with the TI-specific stuff.

Here's an example to get things rolling:

00000160 C60_4013  0x00000064 (100)
00000160 C60_4011  0x0000000e (14)$bss
00000160 C60_4001  0x00000000 (0)       ;; subtract (?)
00000160 C60_4013  0x0000ffff (65535)
00000160 C60_4009  0x00000000 (0)
00000160 C60_400f  0x00201007 (2101255)

Charles Lepple <clepple@ghz.cc>

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