gas macro arguments or escapes botched, perhaps related to ONLY_STANDARD_ESCAPES

Ulf Carlsson
Thu Jun 29 03:52:00 GMT 2000

Hi Hans-Peter,

 > Targets that define ONLY_STANDARD_ESCAPES find themselves failing
 > the gas test "strings" in gas/testsuite/gas/macros/macros.exp.  The
 > only target in CVS that does this is currently avr, which might
 > explain why the failure slipped through everyones extensive
 > testsuite runs.

The problem is not an invalid testcase.  ONLY_STANDARD_ESCAPES was
defined in MIPS as well, but I removed it since it does more harm than
good.  If you want to use an argument name in an ascii string inside a
macro you have to use an argument name that gives you a standard
escape sequence:

.macro narg1
	.ascii "\narg1"

Instead of how you normally would write it:

.macro arg1
       .ascii "\arg1"

 > I'll probably eventually get around to analyze it more thoroughly
 > and perhaps fix it, but why wait.  The bug might even be a invalid
 > testcase for all I know right now.

I think the problem has been in gas for years.  Feel free to fix it.


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