ELF files...

robert.gustin@gm.com robert.gustin@gm.com
Wed Jun 28 09:57:00 GMT 2000

Dear Binutils,    :)

  Maybe you can help ( hell, I hope you're still there at all!!! ).

 I need to break out an ELF file - ***including***  the data TYPES stored in

 I went through the ELF spec and wrote a parser that breaks out the ELF header,
program header,
 sections (with their associated strings), the symbols (with their associated
section names), and
 relocation info.  What I CAN'T see, are the references - links, pointers,
indexes - anything - to the
 stored type-names - which I can plainly see in my hex editor.

 I guess the spec may have this - but I don't see it!

 Any ideas?

 Thanks in advance,

 Bob Gustin

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