DWARF2 info not being generated correctly for PPC targets?

Thomas de Lellis tdel@windriver.com
Fri Jun 16 15:54:00 GMT 2000

Greetings Geoff!

thanks for the reply.  I am looking for ways to accommodate a 3rd party
who are trying to make their debugger compatible with GNU-ld-produced .o
files but expects these dwarf offset fields to contain valid values even
in relocatable .o files.

Is it too risky or are there side effects in simply dropping the RELA
addend offset into the dwarf debugging info as well as keep the offset
in the addend?



Geoff Keating wrote:
> > What happens though is when you partially link more than one PPC .o
> > file, dwarf offsets are still zero.
> Yes, this is because .o files are intermediate files.  When you link
> them into a final executable the relocations will be resolved and you
> will get the correct values.
> --
> - Geoffrey Keating <geoffk@cygnus.com>

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