gas documentation errors

Andrew E. Mileski
Fri Jun 16 12:41:00 GMT 2000

According to the gas info pages (gas/doc/as.texinfo)
 .byte  74, 0112, 092, 0x4A, 0X4a, 'J, '\J # All the same value.
Well it looks like octal, but 092 is not a valid octal number.

Despite the documentation
  A single character may be written as a single quote immediately
  followed by that character.
This is not the case on x86 or ARM it seems.
  .byte	'J
  test.S:1: unterminated character constant
The character is expected to be in between a PAIR of single quotes,
which is much more logical too (especially when coding a space).

Andrew E. Mileski - Software Engineer

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