libiberty patch - configure/makefile for cygwin

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Jun 13 19:35:00 GMT 2000

  In message <>you write:
  > This patch is designed to fix two bugs in cygwin builds: the first
  > that libiberty include strsignal when building *with* cygwin (cygwin's
  > runtime already includes a strsignal()), and the second to use headers
  > in the local source area if possible (newlib's string.h has a fix
  > needed by strsignal.c, and building cygwin always uses both libiberty
  > and newlib).  I'm sending to multiple lists because it needs approval
  > from gcc (the master cvs), but I need to commit the patch to the
  > newlib/binutils repository to fix the cygwin builds.
  > 2000-05-30  DJ Delorie  <>
  > 	* add EXTRA_INCS to support referencing local
  > 	newlib headers
  > 	* Target builds with --with-newlib should use
  > 	the local newlib headers, not the installed ones.  Cygwin
  > 	exceptions are only for target builds, not host builds
  > 	* configure: regenerate
Shouldn't the EXTRA_INCs stuff already be handled by the definition of 
CC_FOR_TARGET in the toplevel Makefile for target builds?  Or am I missing

The bits for removing strsignal, are probably OK to go ahead and check


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