redefine symbol names in shlib?

Peter Samuelson
Mon Jun 12 19:16:00 GMT 2000

  [Peter Samuelson <>]
> > `objcopy --redefine-sym' doesn't work for a stripped shared library.
> > It thinks the library has no symbols, which is clearly false because
> > `nm --dynamic' has no trouble finding them.

[Alan Modra <>]
> Just plain "nm" has some trouble though, doesn't it?


> > Is this correct behavior?

> Well, you'd need to add some code to handle renaming of dynamic
> symbols.  ;-)

OK, just checking.  Is there a good theoretical or practical reason why 
objcopy *shouldn't* handle dynamic syms, transparently?

It's an honest question because I can't think of one, but I'm well
aware of my limits when it comes to knowledge of libbfd and the binary
formats.  The info page seems to indicate that this would be a
reasonable feature:

  `--redefine-sym OLD=NEW'
       Change the name of a symbol OLD, to NEW.  This can be useful
       when one is trying link two things together for which you have
       no source, and there are name collisions.

Given a finite amount of time in gud-mode, I imagine I can hack it in.
I just wanted to know if it had been done already, or if it would be
impractical, nonportable or otherwise undesirable for some reason.


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