binutils 2.10rc3 on *-rtems

Joel Sherrill
Mon Jun 12 06:57:00 GMT 2000

Same good news as rc1. :)   Repeating the details for

It looks ok for the following RTEMS
targets with the closest embedded equivalent target.  
I would expect that if the RTEMS target is OK, then odds
are high that the non-RTEMS embedded target is also.  There
may be configure differences but they are mostly the same.

i386-rtems              - i386-elf
i960-rtems              - i960-coff
mips64orion-rtems       - mips64orion-elf
powerpc-rtems           - powerpc-elf
sh-rtems                - sh-coff
sparc-rtems             - sparc-elf

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