GNU licence for GCC and binutils

Fri Jun 9 12:11:00 GMT 2000


I hope this is the correct place to post this..

I have read some of the GNU licence and I believe that if a company or
an individual uses the GCC compiler or binutils and then supply's the
binaries to anyone they also have to supply the source code.

SN Systems ( have set up the GCC compiler and binutils for
the MIPS r5900 Playstation 2 system. (click PS2 then you can see the

They have made the source to there modified GCC available on there site
but have not made available the source to the binutils, I have emailed
them (Alex Rice, and they first said
that they did not have to but now they have just stopped replying to

If I am correct and they have to supply the source to the binaries that
they have made available on their web site could some one a bit high up
in the possibly email them asking them to post the source? Any
help greatly appreciated.



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