MIPS ECOFF ld --embedded-relocs: looks like a bug

John Marshall john_w_marshall@palm.com
Wed Jun 7 20:26:00 GMT 2000

> I'm looking at the MIPS ECOFF ld --embedded-relocs code with an eye toward
> porting it to m68k (COFF and ELF),

In fact I have already done this (for m68k COFF), over a year ago.  This
code hasn't yet been contributed back to mainline binutils, but there is
no real obstacle -- it is only because I have been very busy forever :-(,
and contributing it can and should be pushed higher up my to do list.

Michael is familiar with this code.  If there is some reason why it is
not suitable for his needs, perhaps we could talk about that and extend
it in a compatible way.

(The code is at


The relevant portion is _bfd_m68kcoff_create_embedded_relocs in the patch
to coff-m68k.c, and m68kcoff.em.  Some of it would want tidying up a little
(the declarations) before it would be suitable as a patch on this list.)

> This caught my sight because I want to port this to m68k, where I will
> definitely need to support both COFF and ELF and allow linking COFF objects
> into ELF executables, together with ELF objects, with an ELF toolchain (and
> maybe even vice-versa, although that is not important).

Why is this so essential?  I had got the impression that this may well be
broken in lots of ways.  See, for example,



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