Broken .hidden support in current binutils on ia32

Martin v. Loewis
Mon Jun 5 14:53:00 GMT 2000

> At the moment, I'm talking about the 2.10 release candidate. But I'll check
> the latest binutils release and see if it works.

Oops, the release candidate. I believe the recent changes to the ELF
visibility support have not been propagated to the release branch.

Since the ELF visibility support in binutils 2.10 will be broken
without these changes, and since GCC 3 will rely on a working support
for .hidden (or none at all), I think it is really important that
these patches get merged into the release branch. 

HJ, would you agree with this judgement? If so, (and if there is a
chance to get this into 2.10.0), would you be able to identify the
relevant patches? I could also try to do this - again, if there is a
chance that this still gets into 2.10.


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