first release candidate for 2.10

Marek Michalkiewicz
Thu Jun 1 00:51:00 GMT 2000

Philip Blundell wrote:
> I've put a first shot at the 2.10 release at:
> Please test it on your favorite targets and let me know of any problems.

It does not include the recent (1 May and later) AVR target
changes, this means it is incompatible with the current avr-gcc.
Binutils (daily!) snapshots seem to have the same problem, this
makes CVS the only way to get binutils compatible with current
avr-gcc (snapshot or CVS).

It is no problem for me personally as I use CVS, but most people
(who just use it - often on Windows - and don't hack it) would
prefer a single tar.bz2 to download.  This is a new port, so it is
important that people TEST the current code as much as possible
to make it rock solir in time for GCC 3.0.

The old (soon to be 2.10) binutils only work with old avr-gcc.
There is a patch to make the old gcc-core-2.95.2-avr-patch-1.1
work with the new binutils, which makes it possible to have both
old and new avr-gcc installed and use avr-gcc -V to choose one.

Alternatively - will binutils snapshots start to reflect reality
(CVS) soon?  Current AVR target support doesn't have to be in
the "stable" release, what is really needed is a simple tarball
to download without using CVS (just like with gcc snapshots).


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