H8300S ld Relax

Paul Clarke paulc@senet.com.au
Tue Feb 29 14:19:00 GMT 2000

I am using a recent binutils cvs source to make a linker for the H8300
In particular the H8S family (HS82144 device). After adding the  relax
to the  linker script  I noticed that bit operations were being relaxed
from 32
bits to 16bit addresses. But the addresses could be relaxed to 8 bit
A dig into the bfd sources shows that there is 32->16->8 relax mode for
move instructions but I could not determine which of the other relax
apply for the bit op case.

If anyone is familar with the h8300 bfd code would they mind either
an 8 bit operation relax and/or throwing some more comments around the
code so that myself and others can follow whats going on. There seem to
be plenty of comments in the coff-h8300 about the following function
contains position references to the howto struct this must change, so I
guess that
the h8300 port is not regarded as a good reference design.  What other
would provide a better foundation for understanding relaxing or a
point for a new h8300 relax function.

Thanks in advance


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