New partial_inplace comment

Ian Lance Taylor
Mon Feb 28 17:42:00 GMT 2000

   Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 17:12:17 -0800
   From: Doug Evans <>

   How can partial linking work on a USE_REL target for relocations
   that have partial_inplace == FALSE?!
   I suspect what's going on is that in fact such relocations _do_
   have partial_inplace == TRUE from a semantic point of view, but either
   - the implementation doesn't use partial_inplace (so any value will do)
   - the implementation would like to set partial_inplace to TRUE, but
     something breaks somewhere
   - the implementation, while not broken, is confused
   - the implementation is broken

Do you want to point out any cases you find confusing?

Some relocations don't use an addend at all.  For example, JUMP_SLOT,
VTINHERIT, VTENTRY.  For those, partial_inplace are irrelevant.  For
that matter, JUMP_SLOT or GLOB_DAT can not appear in an object file,
so partial_inplace is irrelevant for another reason.

I don't know of any case in which setting partial_inplace to TRUE
breaks something.  Of course, in BFD, anything is possible.

In your new comment, you might want to mention the addend field in the
arelent structure; that is what is changed when the relocation is


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