Patches for ltconfig

Andrew Cagney
Sun Feb 27 15:05:00 GMT 2000

Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> Who should get patchs for ltconfig?  I found a problem there which
> causes trouble on DOS 8+3 filesystems, and I'd like to send the
> patches for that.

It's part of libtool (from memory). The home page is somewhere on
As for how to submit a patch.  I'd suggest:

	o	check that binutils contains the current
		official libtool stuff

		If it doesn't, submit a patch to gdb-patches
		and binutils to get that updated. (watch
		out for local changes).

	o	in parallel submit your patch to the
		libtool group


	o	submit a patch to gdb-patches / binutils
		to get your change added to the local

The main thing is to try get the patch into libtool so that when someone
updates these files your changes don't disappear.

What-if there are delays in getting the change into the official
libtool?  I don't know.  Ian?


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