Add top level configure support for WinCE format.

Jeffrey A Law
Sat Feb 26 12:21:00 GMT 2000

  In message < >you write:
  > Hi Guys,
  >   I would like permisison to apply the following patch.  It adds
  >   support to the top level configure scripts for toolchains that
  >   support Microsoft's WinCE format.  In this particualr case this
  >   means the SH, MIPS and ARM toolchains.
  >   Note - this patch applies to the top level files in both the
  >   EGCS and Sourceware repositories.
  > Cheers
  > 	Nick
  > 2000-02-22  Nick Clifton  <>
  > 	* Add mips-pe, sh-pe and arm-wince-pe targets.
  > 	* config/mt-wince: new file: Makefile fragment for WinCE targets.
Seems fine to me.  Please install this change.


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