New member of the Dutch team

Tom Tromey
Thu Feb 24 10:40:00 GMT 2000

>> Hopefully, since `binutils' is not fully ready for translation yet, this
>> gives us some time to breath and think.  I will try to work on this in a few
>> weeks, and then get back to you.  Of course, good ideas are always welcome!

Ken> You might check with the gdb folks too, if you haven't already.
Ken> Looking at their mailing list archives, it looks to me like they may
Ken> be gearing up for a major new release (5.0).

gdb doesn't use gettext.
When I went on my gettextization rampage at Cygnus, I was going to do
gdb, but Stan asked me not to.  At the time he thought HP was going to
do it, but of course they didn't.  Lose, lose.


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