New member of the Dutch team

Tom Tromey
Wed Feb 23 13:41:00 GMT 2000

François>    I will then have to manage with this situation, when the
François>    time comes.  Foresee some time for me to react, when you
François>    will be ready.  I hope you use "reasonable" textual
François>    domain names for all your POT files, in the line of what
François>    is being done everywhere else.

Ian> You really have to talk to Tom Tromey about this, as he set it all up.

Basically I made each separate "package" its own translation domain.
For instance, BFD uses the "bfd" domain.
"as" and "gasp" are in the "gas" domain.
(The rule is that we use the PACKAGE definition from as
the domain name.)

Libraries correctly use dgettext to look up messages in their domain.
(See bfd/sysdep.h to see how.)

I still think this is a reasonable approach.  For one thing, it is
easy to understand.  For another, parts of binutils (eg bfd) are
shared with other packages (gdb).


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