New member of the Dutch team

Ian Lance Taylor
Wed Feb 23 08:42:00 GMT 2000

   From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Fran=E7ois_Pinard?= <>
   Date: 23 Feb 2000 01:30:44 -0500

   Ian Lance Taylor <> writes:

   > When and if we start a release cycle, release snapshots will be available
   > from the web page.

   I hope some precise URL could be used and published.  It has to be gettable
   with a batch process.  (I would not have the time to do all fetches by hand,
   it has to be fairly automated at this end.)

There is a precise URL:
This file is updated daily during the release cycle (and, for that
matter, at other times).

Of course, this is moot as there is no planned binutils release.

   > For better or worse, a binutils release has six POT files.  After all,
   > the binutils include both several independent programs and a couple
   > of libraries.

   I will then have to manage with this situation, when the time comes.
   Foresee some time for me to react, when you will be ready.  I hope you use
   "reasonable" textual domain names for all your POT files, in the line of
   what is being done everywhere else.

   Best is still to have a single POT file when possible.  Common LISP is our
   biggest so far (if I remember correctly), and `bash' is not the smallest
   either, and still, a single POT is sufficient.  Gnome is going to require
   many, and when the time of Emacs will come, it will have to be split, too.
   I do not remember that `binutils' is especially big, message-wise.

   The Translation Project was able to maintain some nomenclature uniformity
   until now.  This is possible with the collaboration of all parties involved.

You really have to talk to Tom Tromey about this, as he set it all up.
I've never really looked into it.  I don't even know what the textual
domain name of a POT file is.

Using several POT files in the binutils has nothing to do with the
size or number of messages.

The binutils include an installed library, libbfd, and installed
programs.  libbfd includes strings, and therefore includes a POT file.
The programs include other strings, and therefore also include POT
files.  Both the binutils and gdb use libbfd, and they are distributed
separately.  I don't see a straightforward way to combine everything
into a single POT file.


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