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François Pinard
Tue Feb 22 20:16:00 GMT 2000

Ian Lance Taylor <> écrit:

> If you look at the cited web page, you will see where to find daily
> snapshots of the binutils sources.  These snapshots are close to
> packaged distributions--they include all the sources, but not all
> the generated files.  You should rebuild the various POT files before
> translating them; this can be done automatically by configuring with
> --enable-maintainer-mode.

It normally works this way.  The maintainer decides when the time comes to
initiate a translation cycle for his package.  This often corresponds to
the production of a pretest release.  At that time, the maintainer sends
the URL of that pretest distribution to me.  I use a script which fetches
the distribution and extract from it the single POT file it contains
-- this has not been a problem so far, as all pretests that we handle
contain exactly one POT file.  That POT file is canonicalised and made
available to the translators, after merged in previous translations if any.
The pretest URL is also publicised to translators.  (At some later time,
the maintainer will be able to trigger the robot into these operations
without going through me -- the main reason it is not possible yet is for
ascertaining the maintainer identity, somewhat).

It is also possible to send the POT file only, outside any distribution.
This is not preferred, as translators often ask for context to resolve
translation ambiguities.  Each POT file has a version identification,
which is usable only once: as two different POT files necessarily have two
different versions.  The version numbers represent the current pretest,
not the incoming official release (this would prevent changing it).
A few schemes for versioning are usable, and new schemes need discussion,
as I would then have to adapt various scripts.

The page
tells about what this message says, more or less.

François Pinard

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